When you want to create your own ad for your business organization or website then you can use google AdWords.

Sometimes people got confuse between google ads and google ad sense. .So the simple difference between them is :

Google AdWords-When you create your own ad related to your business and want that others people interact with your ad . We pay some amount to google for showing these ads.

Google AdSense- when you want that someone else’s ad run on your site for the purpose of monetize and these ads are those ads who are creates on google AdWords.

Google Ads operates on two models:

PPC MODEL (Pay Per Click)-When someone click on your ad then your money will be deduct.

PPM MODEL(Pay Per Mile)-When 1000 impression will be done on your ad then your money will be deduct.

Types of Ads :

1 SEARCH-Suppose I type “sell your car” on google then we can see some ads of those companies who provides this facility. So these types of ads are search ads.

Search type google Ad

2 DISPLAY- We can see these types of ads on websites in the form of banner and they also shows in the form of popup when we saw video on YouTube.

Display type Google Ad

3 SHOPPING– When I type ” sneakers” on google then we can see the products of different companies in the form of ads.

Shopping type Google Ad

4 APP– These ads are used for advertising your app. by these ads more numbers of people can know about your app.

App type google Ad

5 SMART– Google creates these ads by using AI technology.



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