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How Does a Website Go Live?

To make your website live on search engines you mainly need three things :


Now, I’m explain all the above three things with the real life example so you can understand this in a very easy way Suppose I’m going to my friend house so the first thing which I need is the address of his house for reaching his house. Same in the case of website first I need the address of that website and in the case of website the domain is the address of website.

Everyone know that the house is built on the land or on some space. Similarly in the case of website we required space where the website be available or exist. Various types of hosting space are available like Shared hosting, VPN hosting and Cloud hosting etc. you can choose any of them according to your requirements.

Last thing is the house of my friend where I want to go. You obviously need the website to make your website live on search engines.

i hope you all now easily understand that what things we need to make our website live .I have given the real world example so you can easily understand the things.