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Difference between Inbound & Outbound marketing

Let’s understand the difference between Inbound & Outbound Marketing in very simple way. OUTBOUND MARKETING When a marketer reaches out to the people to see if they are taking any interest or n...

keywords match types

Keywords Match Types in Google Ads.

Match TypeSpecial symbol Keywordsads may show on searches thatSearchesBroad MatchnoMen’s JacketIt accepts Mispelling,Synonyms, searches related to this and other relevant variant of thisbuy man jacketBroa...


What is Google AdWords? Different Types of Ads Categories.

When you want to create your own ad for your business organization or website then you can use google AdWords. Sometimes people got confuse between google ads and google ad sense. .So the simple difference ...


What is SSL Certificate? Benefits of SSL in SEO.

SSL stands for secure sockets layer. As the name suggests, SSL Certificate creates an additional layer of safety that protects the information visitors choose to share with a website. When a visitor visits a...


What is a sitemap? How to create a sitemap for website.

A sitemap is a list of all webpages of a website accessible to crawler and user. HTML Sitemap is build for website user to easily access all web pages. XML sitemap is build for crawler to easily crawl all...

white, grey and black Seo

Difference between White Hat Seo, Black Hat Seo & Grey Hat Seo. Types of Seo Process.

White Hat Seo – It is considered as Ethical and organic SEO.In this type of Seo, We are follow all guide line of Search engines.Whitee hat Seo is slow process but it is provides long-lasting growth in ...

website live

How Does a Website Go Live?

To make your website live on search engines you mainly need three things : DOMAINWEB HOSTING SPACEOBVIOUSLY THE WEBSITE Now, I’m explain all the above three things with the real life example so you ...

digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing? Difference between SEO,SEM,SMM,SMO

DIGITAL MARKETING As we know all things are becoming digital.Let understand the importance of digital marketing with an example suppose there is an area and on that area there is an electronic shop and the o...