keywords match types

Keywords Match Types in Google Ads.

Match TypeSpecial symbolKeywordsads may show on searches thatSearches
Broad MatchnoMen’s JacketIt accepts Mispelling,Synonyms, searches related to this and other relevant variant of thisbuy man jacket
Broad match modifier+ keyword+Men’s +jacketit accepts the modified term for closer variation but it not accept the synonyms and you can write the query in any orderjacket for men
Phrase Match“Keyword”Men’s Jacketyou can add the additional words with this keyword but either add before or after the keyword not in the middle of the keywordbuy Men’s Jacket
Exact Match[keyword][Men’s Jacket]only contains the exact query or keywords we can’t add the additional wordsMen’s Jacket


Suppose I provides the digital marketing course and I have made the google ad campaign by using this keyword (digital marketing course) and I have used the broad match type and this course is not free it’s a paid course but as you can see in this ad I have used the broad keyword so anyone who type free digital marketing course so my ad is also appear to that person and that person click on that ad but when they finds it’s a paid course he or she will not choose my course because they are looking for free course so its a wastage of click.

In this Scenario We use the Negative Keywords. These keyword defines in broad,phrase and match types.

Broad(keyword-running shoes)phraseExact
Blue tennis shoes (SHOW)SHOWSHOW
running gear (SHOW)SHOWSHOW
blue running shoes (NOT SHOW)NOT SHOWSHOW
Shoes running (NOT SHOW)SHOWSHOW