SSL stands for secure sockets layer. As the name suggests, SSL Certificate creates an additional layer of safety that protects the information visitors choose to share with a website.

When a visitor visits an https:// website, the SSL ensures that whatever information is shared, it will not be leaked to anyone. The encrypted connection protects the information.

When you buy any hosting for creating a website you can see the hosting provider shows you different different hosting plans some plans contains the free ssl certificat and in some plan you have to purchase the ssl certificat by paying some amount. It’s my suggestion to take ssl certificate always because no one wants to visit on that site where the security of the information is compromise. https shows that you are using ssl on your site and http shows that you are not using ssl.

Benefits of SSL in SEO

Google already confirmed those who use SSL certificates in their site has advantages comparison to those who don’t use SSL.

SSL improve the user’s experience in terms of security.

Chrome show this type of label (not secure) on those sites who are not using ssl .

Faster loading speed always increase the rank of the site and https load faster than the http.