digital marketing


As we know all things are becoming digital.Let understand the importance of digital marketing with an example suppose there is an area and on that area there is an electronic shop and the owner of  that shop wants that everyone should know about that this area has an electronic shop. He also knows that everyone use internet and whenever they search for an electronic shop near  me then his shop name should come on top of the result. So basically what he will do he will find the people who provides digital marketing services and he will speak them to make his business online. Everyone requires digital marketing services for their business growth or profit It doesn’t matter that business is small or big. It includes so many things like SEO,SMO,SMM,SEM,PPC,GOOGLE ADS,EMAIL MARKETING,CONTENT MARKETING ETC.



Stands for Search Engine Optimization .Suppose you have your own website(i.e. Ecommerce site, blogging site, products & services site) on search engine(i.e. google) and you want that more number of people or traffic reach your site and your website should rank in top ten results of google or suppose you have your customer’s website and your customer give you some goal like his or her website should be rank in top three results of google for a specific area and for specific keyword(i.e. best digital marketing services in Delhi) then we use SEO. It’s a non-paid method we can achieve these targets without paying money. Basically Seo is of two types: OFFPAGE SEO AND ONPAGE SEO.


At a high level, improving the “off-page SEO” of a website involves improving search engine and user perception of a site’s quality. This happens by getting links from other sites (especially those that are reputable and trustworthy themselves ), mentions of your brand, shares of your content, and “votes of confidence” from sources outside of your own website.


On-page ranking factors can have a big impact on your page’s ability to rank if optimized properly. The biggest on-page factors that affect search engine rankings.
Website Analysis and Recommendations
SEO friendly content
Site Meta Tags
Website Directory Structure
Website Homepage rank


Stand for Search Engine Marketing. When someone advertise their products or services through advertising in google or other search engines then we will say this is SEM. For eg, When I search “casual shoes for men” on google you can see in below image that some companies advertise their shoes related products on google . It’s a paid method and if we want that google or some other search engine advertise our products or ads in this case we have to pay money to google or other search engine.



Stands for Social Media Marketing.Facebook,Instagram,Twitter all these are the examples of social media now let’s talk about social media marketing most of the time you can see when you use any social media platform for eg Facebook then ads of some brands or post of some brand come at your screen and these ads or post has the direct link of their brand’s website and when you click on that post or ad for buy something you will redirect on that website and you can easily buy that product. Basically SMM includes paid advertising. Some big companies or brands give money to these social media platform to advertise their products.


Stand for Social Media Optimization. Basically SMM is a paid method in which we have to pay some money to different-different social media platform so they advertise our products on their platform. But in the case of SMO we don’t need to pay any money because in SMO we advertise our product or services by making post or pages and share these post or pages to different different platform so more number of people can know about our products or services.