white, grey and black Seo

White Hat Seo

  • It is considered as Ethical and organic SEO.
  • In this type of Seo, We are follow all guide line of Search engines.
  • Whitee hat Seo is slow process but it is provides long-lasting growth in rankings.
  • you should use White hat Seo Technique.

Black Hat Seo

  • It is considered as unethical.
  • In Black hat Seo, We are not follow the guide line of search engines.
  • Black hat Seo is a fast process but it will provides you only short term growth.
  • Search engine add your website in Blacklist if you’ll perform the black hat Seo.

Grey Hat Seo

  • Combination of White and Black Hat Seo.
  • In Grey hat Seo, We use 95% of white and 5% of black hat Seo.
  • Only a SEO expert can perform the Grey hat Seo because an expert know the exact ratio of white and black hat Seo.

Types of Seo Process

STRATEGY- In this Step, We find out the main goal of our customer like he wants 10k visit in his site or like he wants to see his site in top 10 google search results.

SITE ANALYSIS-In this Step, We analyses our client site as well as our client’s competitor site.

SEO COMPILANCE-In this Step, We find out the problems in meta tag, content, iframe etc. and also check the issues related to the slow loading of site.

SUBMISSION- In this Step, We submit the site in google webmaster for google search engine and in webmaster center for Bing.

LINK BUILDING-In this Step, We create backlinks for our site and remember that always choose those site for backlinks whose domain authority is higher than 75 and choose only those sites whose content is relevant to your business related to your services or products.